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Contempo Top Tents

We use the standard “west coast” style pipe & components. They are interchangeable with different size tents. The frame is a free standing aluminum pipe structures that has no centerpoles.

Widths range from 10' to 40', Expandable to any length. Available in white or colored stripes. The tops are made with a 17oz blockout high polish laminate. Translucent materials are available.

Tent pins & ropes are INCLUDED with frame & top price. Pipe and fittings include the baseplates and 1″ Straps with Cam Buckles to tighten the top down to the frame.


Benefits & Specifications

  • Rigid framework – assembles easily
  • No center poles – maximum interior space
  • Expandable design. – Interchangeable components
  • Widths: 10’, 15’, 20’, 30’, and 40’
  • Tent Vinyl: first quality 17oz Blackout Laminated – Fabric certified flame retardant – 1” heat sealed overlap seams – Top is 95% heat sealed
  • Frame: round aluminum pipe & tubing – Galvanized steel fittings
  • Expandable middles – sections with lace and grommet connection
  • Standard pitch 2:1
  • Standard perimeter rope attached for hanging sidewalls

Note: Tents pictured show the style of tent. Picture is not the actual tent or actual size. Additional Stakes or tiedown ropes / ratchets might be needed. Consult your local engineer for ground conditions.

Contempo Tents


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