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Shear water TM

Sailcloth Frame

The Shearwater Frame Tent for Sale. This is a Hexagon free standing aluminum structure with no center poles.  The Shear Water Hexagon tent is similar to the All Peak Frame tent. This allows for optimum interior space.

The tops are made with a durable semi-gloss finished off white / ivory 12 oz. translucent vinyl laminate. This material gives the tent an extraordinary vintage look. This is a proprietary American Made vinyl material and is specially made for Infinity Tent Sales.

Our tent tops can be a 1 piece top or expandable Lace and Grommet sections to give you the versatility to expand the tent size to a desired length. The frame system is a rigid structure with aluminum tent pipes and galvanized steel connectors. The Shearwater Sailcloth Frame tent can be secured with tent stakes, anchors, or weights.

This tent style uses the same west coast frame work that you might already own. So you could save even more money  by just purchasing only the items you need to convert a standard frame into an extraordinary Shearwater Frame.



• Rigid framework – assembles easily

• No center poles – maximum interior space

• Expandable design. – Interchangeable components

• Hexagon Diagonal Widths:  20’, 30’, and 40’

• Tent Vinyl: first quality 12oz Translucent Laminated – Fabric certified flame retardant – 1” heat sealed overlap seams – Top is 95% heat sealed

• Frame: round aluminum pipe & tubing – Galvanized steel fittings • Expandable middles – sections with lace and grommet connection

• High Peak Masts

• Standard perimeter rope attached for hanging sidewalls


• 20x & 30x  tents use standard 2" frame. Heavy duty Double Tube frame can be upgraded

• 40x  tents use a heavy duty Double Tube frame is standard.


Note: Tents pictured show the style of tent. Picture is not the actual tent or actual size. Additional Stakes or tiedown ropes / ratchets might be needed. Consult your local engineer for ground conditions.

ShearWater Frame Tents


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