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Fast Peak Frame Tents / Cross Cable Tents

The Fast Peak Frame Tent is also known as a High Peak tent. Tents Fast Peak Frame, Festival Tents. Cross Cable Tents.

These tents include 16oz blockout material, 2″ aluminum tubing on the 10x, 12x, & 15x. The 20x's use a double barrel tubing pipe, Masts, Steel Fittings, 1″ Ratchets, and Baseplates.

There are cross cables to support the mast.


Pitch Heights
• 10 x 10 – 4’2″
• 12 x 12 – 5′
• 15 x 15 – 6’3″
• 20 x 20 – 8’4″

Note: Tents pictured show the style of tent. Picture is not the actual tent or actual size. Additional Stakes or tiedown ropes / ratchets might be needed. Consult your local engineer for ground conditions.

Fast Peak Frame Tents


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